I am really passionate about coaching lacrosse goalies! Let's face it, LAX goalies are usually an afterthought for most coaches because they don't have the time or the resources to dedicate to the position. Lacrosse coaches barely have enough time for their mid fielders, attack, and defense. So it's no wonder goalies don't receive the attention they deserve. This is the hardest position in lacrosse and there is a coaching gap for goalies in my surrounding lacrosse community that I am willing to fill. 


My interactive system will provide goalies of various experience and skill level the necessary training to facilitate confidence, quickness, athleticism, and mental toughness in a fun and challenging environment. I want my goalies, no matter what size or shape, to be athletes! I also want my goalies to be mentally tough so I incorporate goalie psychology into my system. Mental toughness is a key component to being an elite lacrosse goalie.


After training with me, goalies will have the confidence stop the shots they’re supposed to, and also make the occasional momentum-swinging tough save.