If any the following describes your LAX goalie situation, you need me!

  • You're new to the LAX goalie position and don't know where to begin.

  • You're the parent of a LAX goalie and want to help your child improve.

  • You want to continuously improve your overall skill set and get better.

  • You're a LAX goalie and get little to no training or coaching at practice.

  • You have developed some bad habits but don't know how to break them.

  • You have trouble saving a certain type of shot.

  • You're afraid of the ball.

  • Letting in a goal affects your play for the rest of the game.

  • The only goalie "practice" you get consists of lining up players in an arc and having them blast rapid-fire shots at you. This is a recipe for disaster by the way!

Why else? I'm fun to be around, patient, and will ALWAYS give you 100% so you can reach your full potential. We're gonna work hard but we'll also have fun doing it. So what are you waiting for?